BOTOX® For Chronic Migraine

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If you are seriously considering BOTOX® Cosmetic, we invite you to call (805) 481-3733 or request a complimentary cosmetic consultation request a complimentary cosmetic consultation with Dr. Paul Stallman. Dr. Stallman will take the time to answer all of your questions best Botox in Las Vegas about improving facial wrinkles with surgical and non-surgical options. He’ll review before and after photos with you that are not available online. Before your visit, be sure to watch videos featuring Dr. Stallman to learn more about his most popular treatments.

There is a risk that all botulinum toxin products may spread from the area where they were injected to other parts of the body, causing potentially life-threatening swallowing and breathing problems. This was predominantly seen in children treated with Botox off-label for cerebral palsy. These issues have not been reported among people who received botulinum products for cosmetic uses or to treat blepharospasm.

This medication can spread to other parts of the body after your injection, causing serious (possibly fatal) side effects. These can occur hours or even weeks after the injection. However, the chances of such serious side effects occurring when this medication is used for migraines or skin conditions such as wrinkles , eye spasm, or excessive sweating are extremely unlikely.

Practitioners all over the world have been making result-oriented usage of Botox injections in the domain of cosmetic surgery. It has proven to be a successful treatment for facial wrinkles and creases. This procedure is short and does not require anesthesia. Without causing any major discomfort, the Botox injection needle is injected into specific muscles. It takes a maximum of week’s time for the treatment to show results. Strict avoidance of alcohol, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medicines is advised before and after the treatment.

Whether or not botox injections ever become FDA-approved as a safe and effective treatment for depression is beside the point. The point is: this is an off-label use of a drug being promoted for a psychiatric illness by a cosmetic dermatologist. Someone with an approved patent for the treatment in question who stands to gain financially by its widespread adoption, and who has been a paid consultant for the company manufacturing the drug.